Mineority By Saby, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

I had been thinking of visiting this place for quite some time now. The name intrigued me and its pictures put up on some food blogs were fascinating enough to finally push me its way. Unfortunately for me the reality couldn’t catch up with the expectations and I was a tad bit disappointed. Read on... Continue Reading →

Farzi Café, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

As with most of my experiences, we landed up here without much research coz we were in a last minute rush to find a place to celebrate the start of my birthday(yayy) and this is literally the first place you come across as you enter Kalyani Nagar(hehe) and of course because Zomato said it was... Continue Reading →

KARGO, Koregaon Park, Pune

Our discovery of this place was as a result of a last-minute hunt for some yummy Sunday dinner! It had been trending on Zomato for a few weeks and we decided to give it a shot, and thank God for that J The food here looks absolutely drool-worthy!! And when you dig in, you aren’t... Continue Reading →


Come Saturday and the one place I want to head off to for breakfast is Pune’s very own Bipin’s!! I won’t be surprised if you haven’t ever heard of it. It’s literally a hole-in-the-wall place, but the food it doles out is simply mind blowing! It specializes in Indian breakfast items such as Poha, Sabudana,... Continue Reading →

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